Catalan Association of Optometry and Vision Therapy


Vision is the ability of our brain to understand what the eyes see.

Of the five senses, vision is by default the main source of information to the brain.
The fact that there are alterations in the visual pathway influences different aspects of behaviour of the person. The taste, smell, posture, manual skills and sound change as a function of vision.
In the socio personal area vision has a great role. According to gestures it can be interpreted in one way or another. We look at the other's face to better understand what they’re talking about, because lip reading comes before our visual cortex than sound waves to the auditory area.

The receptor organ of vision is the eye, where the information enters and is driven to different areas of the brain, and in these areas other sensory inputs are involved, such as balance and the vestibular system, which help us interpret what we see.
There is a relationship between vision and action. In a normally functioning system, the vision guides the motor system. If there is a mismatch between the visual perception of space and reality, there will be a mismatch with the motor system. Form example, making mistakes when picking up objects, difficulties in sport, etc.