Catalan Association of Optometry and Vision Therapy


Come join a dynamic and enterprising group of professionals working to ensure quality of optometry.

ACOTV offers:

- To be a part of a list of specialists in Visual Therapy with professionals who constantly update their knowledge, in order to offer the latest advancements. This list arrives annually to Catalonian schools.
All our members, with more than a year spent in the Association, can access to the list if they have at least two years of experience and once they have reached a number of requirements that are established and evaluated for an assessment committee. The membership is renewed every three years to ensure that its members continue to constantly update their knowledge.

The list is distributed to all schools in Catalonia and other agencies, and can be accessed publicly, easily and simply through our website.

- Receive information about activities and courses related to optometry and vision therapy performed in the whole Spain.

- Participate in organize courses to promote and facilitate the training of optometrists with reduced prices as a partner.

- Involve yourself in the organization of informative talks by other professionals.

Do not hesitate and join us. Together we create the visual therapy, which has the value it deserves. You'll get a whole series of advantages that will surely interest you.
If you want to join our Association, you must be certified in Optometry and be duly registered on, fill the form of membership that you can find it attached and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax 93 783 33 99.